+lvl6 // Void


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don't come out fucking side. we're leveling up on all of you


[Produced by Myrror]

Young Premeir
They're Like where havve you been at
Why you got six names
What you been doing
Nigga I got a 10 foot long beard
I been a cave, painting on walls

[Verse 1]
Let me through eyes
I could be that spark
Or fire to your flame
Simply The King
A young Richard Petty
Nobody's in lane
I'm winning race after fucking race
It's only heights I see
You niggas ain't on my fucking paste
I hope I'll be redeemed
I'm sinning
And it's only for a lifestyle
Only using gold caps
I never used a lifestyle
My mama screaming pipe down
I'm grinding for niggas are forever hearing lights out
Just a young a nigga who done came up hits
Who they laid on and shit
Soon they'll stay on my dick
But they can't get me rich
So tagging C4 to the motherfucking door
Causing I'm banging and they're acting like they can't let me in
Who the fuck gone stop a champion
You ain't my friend
You faker than these bitches acting lesbian
Only put trust up within
Then it's nothing to give
If it ain't us then it's them
And they ain't got nothing
They'll just fuck you and dip and that's why we ain't fucking with them
Fiend bitches
Is more what y'all acting like
And not Kings nigga
More focused and worried bout all of these seen niggas
But these niggas is worried about one thing
Green, nigga
Think about it
Painting on a canvas seems to bigger
And Every time I do I'm thinking 'bout a dream bigger
Busting like a cannon
Waiting for a scene switch ups
Steady blowing up a gram
But ain't ready for these pictures
Me nigga


released September 22, 2014
+lvl6 (produced by Myrror) // Void (synthesized by weirddough)
written by PREMEiR JONE$
Artwork created + curated by UnkleLuc



all rights reserved


PREMEiR JONE$ Greensboro, North Carolina


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