Summer's Midnight Memories II


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Summmer's Midnight Memories II
Recorded: 2012 "The Shell" (Durham, NC)


released August 25, 2012

Publishers: Therapist Jones, Shawnice Stratford, Dope Drops x FANG
Artists: MTown, 2chea, Smooth, Ramel Shakur x Wall-E Ge3z
Producers: Shamel Bryant, Ice Cartier, L.A. Beatz, LifeWithDrugs, Simon SMTHNG, Robbie Theus, Spaceghost, MustardSeed, Zae Mazaru, Soul Division, Jalan White x Weirddough
Engineering: MTown x J.K. The Rapper



all rights reserved


PREMEiR JONE$ Greensboro, North Carolina


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Track Name: Summer 2012 Intro (prod. Shamel Bryant)

I'm just cruising round the town
With my crew and already stole your girl
So I'm wondering who you with
You was just a hater
Trynna be down
Looking stupid
It was only a matter of time
But u told you fuckers I'd do it foolish
All black in the white impala
The party next door'll be poppin'
Rolling deep
We mobbin', probably with somebody foreign
Hit her up right after concerts
Forgot her name, but i got her started
Convincing her that I lover her
But she's just a girl and I'll be doing this every summer

It'll be one of those times
When everyone is paid
No fucking around with the same girls
Cause were no longer in the gates
And for the niggas who're lame
Will claim somehow that we've changed
But nothing'll change
We're just striving for the fame
Quit your hating, that's lame bitch
Just stay up on your same shit
Don't understand the fanglish
Can never get the picture
With these words I'm out here painting
I'm trynna be hitting stages
Seeing thousands of girls that'll be impatient for me to smang it
Hey bitch!
Track Name: Saturday ft. 2chea (prod. Ice Cartier)

It's like Saturday, 2PM & I just woke up

But it's time for the wake up
Time to pause the dreams
And actually become the chaser
Love the way she hold a brother down
Like an anchor
Love to wake up and see skipping her
Make up
A hot plate's what I wake up to
I find a plot so I'll make a move
The crazy things that I make her do
Just her and I
See we're the baker's crew

Went and grab my keys
She yells wait
So I hit the brakes
She want a brother to stay
Went and grabbed the trees
And tried to convince me to bake
That's where she got me
To play along with her games
Fuck it
I've still yet to even plan out my day
All I've got to do is pick up
Ge3z sometime around 8
And shit if I can chill like this
Or build like this
Through the night
This day'll be great

So staying right here'll be the move
Until I get a call or find something else to do
Plus Imma have the munchies
And She always stocked with food
Oh yea a young nigga fresh
Graduated school

So now it's time I'm wasting
My words becoming new blatant
And becoming more impatient
To top charts is what i'm waiting for
These hippy girls what
Baiting for
It's number one which I'm
Slating for
Trynna be like Master P
Get her on her knees so I can make her say Uuuh

And that want real clever
Until I get on imma say whatever
Just trynna spit words until times are better
But right now I'll chill and hide out from the weather on this

Could you relax yourself girl; please settle down. Say could you relax yourself girl; please settle down. x8

Bring the girls out
Bring the girls out
Summertime; Swimming pools
That heat'll Bring the girls out

Bring the girls out
That heat'll Bring the girls out
Double Cupped
Double Stuffed
That swimsuit on their bubble butts
Bring the girls out


I'm ridin' through sippin' jin
On another level
Got your bitch over here trynna spin out
Whenever I tell her
Don't be jealous
Just be careful
Hoes gone hop
So I let'em
Catch me somewhere gettin' high
Hotboxing a space shuttle

She say she down for whatever
We roll around in my Chevy
She pop a pill to get right
I pop that pussy all night
She fell in love and I ain't even do shit
I know they wondering
What the fuck, how does this nigga do it

Maybe cause i'm the coolest
Nigga i really do this
My nickname should be Charlie Sheen
Cause I ain't never losing
I swear they always choosing
FANG nigga we always crusing
She ride the wave
So hop aboard up on a nigga cruise ship

I do this everryday
Kill her in everyway
She want to carry my name
She say she here to stay
But that's all she can say
She too scary to tell me
I be fucking with Molly
When I'm married to Marry

When I'm married to Marry.

Track Name: Wait (prod. LifeWithDrug)

I'm telling the bitch to wait up
I'm trynna make this cake
But this is a constant thing
She think I'm lying to her face; because I am
She steady hitting my phone; leaving messages
I'm like damn
Resembling traits of child
I wonder should I hold her hand
Like damn could I breath
Could a brother get a second
You got too much time on your hands
Why are you steadily pressing me
Could you paste
And just be
Imma skate
Yea, I'll leave
And possibly be later
When I did she was all through my phone
Had to convert back to a pager
These are the reasons and the things that make a nigga wanna hate her
I'm like damn girl; Damn, Damn
Having you stalking a nigga wasn't in the plan
See it's all quite crazy
I only smashed once and she showing me she's insane B
If this is a little taste
I wonder how will the fame'll B
For now I've learned my lesson
See this shit as ablessing
Won't be stressing over my taste the ladies

The single life in trynna be living
Rather just have me simping
Tracking a nigga's moves; always clocking my damn position
And she thinking i'm being mean when I tell that bitch that she tripping
But I'm only being me
Cant be no slipping in this pimp shit
Thats the rule of the game; how it goes
It's dolo only me
Can't have no dame on the road, baby
I've been thinking of your position
And realize your ass is crazy
Can't seem to make you hate me or phase me

Don't you got a man
She hoping that I can take her from
Thinking I can bring her fame
Are you on any medication cause that's where you're largely mistaking much
Everything I say is all game and it's all quite obvious
I'm saying
You should be ashamed
I'm feeling kind of sorry that I even should explain
You trynna be runnin' game, but really you getting played
I'm trynna be getting paid
You should go ahead and fade
Track Name: No Diving (prod. Simon SMTHNG)

On a quest looking for some new hoes to prey on
Camo trunks with my toes out and a kango
Trynna get my fang on; illing
While my brothers on the side
With a selection of bitches and they're chilling
We in it
Got my feet in the sand
Fun and laughter with the women
Taking a day off but still lowkey causing mischief
She goes and says, take a hit of this
I take one hit of it and then my mind is so high
I'm like what is this shxt
It's summertime and you young cuz
To be alive so just live it up and switch it up
Marijuana; vagina, the combination of those two things
A nigga like me just can't get enough
Speaking of. She's posted by the vending area
So I stop, pause, think of a few scenarios
She might think she bad
She might laugh or even pass or I could get her number
Later on I might smash
So hi my name is Town, I like the dimples when you smile
I never seen you around these parts so how long are you in town
Cause your friend is what I'd gladly be
She says, My name is Mallory and I'll be here for a while
Seeing as I just moved here down the street.
So I hit her with that pimp shit with intentions for her digits
With no further a due
She gives in and then I get them
Then the pool is where I dip in,
Where these niggas looking sea sick
Their girls are with my niggas sippin' AriZona Tea kid
They wanna live that life that were living
They're tired of the sidelines and wishing for a position
They're hoping that they can kick it
Thinking we'll let them sit in
But Benny runs up to the gates and tells them niggas NO ENTER.
Then I think of Mallory
Who is she ken of or friends of
While I'm blessed with her presence
I wanna make her my next chick
Possibly be my best chick her
Hoping I will have sex with
But come to find out this girl is cousins with my ex bitch

No diving in the pool!
Track Name: Couches (prod. Robbie Theus)

Where you headed?

[Verse 1]

So now I'm headed home
Time to press on for the riches
Get my mind on the grind
Get alone from the bitches
I've been on intermission
But these hoes better listen
Sending notes filled with fiction
I be faking her out
But she loosing her mind
Think I'm taking her out
What thinking about
I be sitting on my couch
Being kinda of depressed
It's kind of depressing that I'm
Thinking that these words'll fill my Banking account

My niggas known for the same
We got goals and and aim
No golds to our names
But we dont give a fuck
We're puttin on for the gates
You hoe of hate
But we dot give a fuck
What you how niggas think
Put me on for the fame
I'm on for the game
I'm just trynna make enough
So I can own my estate
Or at least a little cash
I can cop a car that's fast
Fill it up with gas
Then I can be on switching lanes

But what the fuck am I thinking
I'm sitting on the bitch
That ill end up sleeping on
Shit I'm eating on
And I'm looking through the tube
Filled with stars which I'm
Reach for
See all this success
Yea I peep it all
It's number on my list
It's what I'm speaking for
But I'm weeping for
One day you'll all know my name
Don't you think this raw

Shit that's just what the ads say
Or Pharrell say
Tell me keep on dreaming
They dont say that you gotta
Keep scheming
It's in the fine print
Shit I'm prolly still sleeping
But it's all for a reason
You just on for a season
Your whole camp gone hit treason
You won't find me preaching
For now I say fuck this rap shit
It's these hoes i'll keep tweeting


I'm on my couch
Hot my feet out
Trynna make a move
Trynna flee out
Dreaming over seas trips
Like Nihau
Boredom's taking over
I'll tweet bow
Hiding inside
Cause the heats out
Killing a bowl of Captain Crunch kid
Kinda upset that still sober
Screaming out what fuck is up bitch

But I'm caught by the screen
Thats us fool
Who are those kids
That's us fool
What else could it be
That's us fool
Now we out of state
Screaming Fuck School
Now you wanna
Bad luck dude
Cause the DM says
You really work
And you love what I do
I don't know what to say
That sounds kind of gay
That's sus fool

[Verse 2]

It's kid of crazy
That my life don't exist
I'm lazy
Plus my minds kind of fogged
I'm hazy
Still yo main hoe been wanting me lately
I'll let her chase the
Imaginary might that she'll build with a nigga
Soon she'll hate me
You'll thank me
But I'll still have those nudes
And all my homies'll se her naked

Track Name: Couches Pt.2 (prod Spaceghost)

There's a thin line
Which I'm walking on
Most of these rhymes are talk and all
While niggas think there's roses
On the floor in which I'm walking on
Naw, not at all
Homie tell me what you be thinking bout
Oh really, same shit here
I just happen to speak them out
Most of my day is wasted
With these games I'm playing on my couch
I've just got a few talents I record
Hoping you would play'em out
But I'd never get on of you keep quite and you save your mouth
It's the same if your boss gave you no hours
He couldn't pay now
Think it out

And there's day
I get call
There's a party
Lets get drunk
Let's he baked
And I'm pretty sure your homies hit you up
Be on that same shit
Just face it
You think I'm popping
But my life
It ain't shit

Never performed out of this city
Or even out of state
But this rap shit'll take off soon
That's a fucking line I fucking hate
Most of these fools are talentless
Why's there a fucking line of wait
Nobody knows
But me tweeting shit
I'm hoping I can find a way

And maybe in a line or two
I've spoken bout some girls and all
But I've just got one girlfriend
She's the only bitch I ever call
She lives in a different city
Do I see her
Never naw
But listening to my thoughts and shit
One day right, it'll get better y'all

This how I'm feeling
I'm normal did i not mention
I'm hoping that you could feel this
I'm needing for you to listen
With our your ears
I'm in the kitchen
Plotting on the drugs I'm pitching
Or better yet call in ransom
Somebody'll end up missing

Ain't this some some ass doe
I'm needing not crash doe
I'm Michael Phelps in tournament
And swimming on my last stroke
Don't download shit
I'll call it quits and say
And say I'll pass though
I'm equal as to you
Just trynna elevate my cash flow
Track Name: Marley & Me ft. Wall-E Ge3z (prod. MustardSeed)

Marley & Me
Crusing down the highway
Hardly asleep, cause the music's all on my brain
And homie I don't know where I'mma go; go; go; go


Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!

I want a diamond in the back with a sunroof top
While I'm digging the scene with a gangster lean
Yo bitch on me
While we coast, I'm driving cause she sips O.E.
She begins to roll while we ride
I just know that I'll be high
I just want to float so I can catch a millage high
That mid shit
You can keep it
Next stop Wall-E Ge3z bitch
Riding two miles per hour so you fuckers could see this extravagant style
Fang Life 'till the grave life
Hoping Wall-E matching
I'll just take a hit and pass it cause it's Marley & Me.

Marley & Me
Crusing down the highway
Hardly asleep, cause the music's all on my brain
And homie I don't know where I'mma go; go; go; go
Track Name: Go Diving (prod. Simon SMTHNG)

The sun begins to opposite the rise
My eyes are pretty low
But I'm the opposite of tired
I'm trynna figure what to do
Shit, what's finna be the move
Coincidentally i get a texts that reads
We finna hit the pool
Shit let's do it
Even though we were there earlier today
But at this time
It's now illegal plus we'll be smoking on some haze
Fuck it, it's midnight swimming
I reply who's gonna be there
Us, a few girls and Mallory
You need to be there

Well dam I'm trynna come through
But that tank is on E
Is you trynna come scoop
Already outside
So I coming out as is
As we arrive to the place
Everyone is hoping the fence
As I go and take a leap
I see women are down strip
And this all with no hesitation
They're doing it pretty quick
Double take and rub my eyes
As I'm thinking that in tripping
They say I forgot to tell you
My nigha we skinny dipping
I'm in the water with a daughter
She splish splashing
And happy
I'm in love with sound of women laughter
The buds supporting the habit
Something just like a rafter
I see that's feeling me
Someone told I was a rapper
I got her, her heart is captured
Say baby lets the magic
I'm a nazi, but that fact that your stalling
Now that's what's fascist
I can't get nothing past
I've never seen no one dapper
You've hot my number
Once we leave here
I'm sure we'll make it happen

Is what she said to a brother
Say I've been hype before
But this feeling here
Don't compare to another
And I know the unwritten rule for a nigga states
No diving
But I swear I can combat it
I'm about to go diving

I'm 'bout to go diving nigga

Track Name: N. Elm Street "White Impala Pt.2"(prod. Zae Mazaru)

And I'm feeling like God; Goddamn hoe
Goddamn I'm the motherfucking man hoe
Who you here with
Oh, you chilling with you mans hoe
Who the lame that be wearing all that camo
He a herb
Tell ya mans to
And this shit got me feeling kind purb
And I feel I'm slurring up my words
For you to say no, now that would be absurd

But aint gone stop her
To think of saying no
She wouldn't even bother
I'm just telling you proper
I'm just chilling in the white impala

And i ain't for lossing
Got riding round cruising
Say she got that wet
Bitch prove it
I ain't stupid
This a lesson
You the student
I'mma fuck then you scooting
And she alright with that
Cause her mans hella wack
And she steadily choosing
She can't even wait to tell her friends it was great
Trynna take pictures so she can prove it
God dammit
The world that a young nigga live in
But that comes with the pimping
Tell that bitch no
If she try to sneak a flick
Tell that bitch go

In this white Impala
We cruising again
We flew in a plane
That's full wooded grain
In this white Impala
We back on the coast
Your Girl wanna smoke
While we're dodging the po-po
In this white Impala
You hoe on the flock
Wanna roll down my block
While I'm dropping the top on this
White impala

The White Impala x7

Still feeling the shit doe
That's be like there he go
Like I'm Q
And I'm riding round fig row
She riding dick doe
She say she a fan
And she wanna meet the whole damn
Clique doe
And I knew that from the get go
That why right after I'm done
I'mma tell her ass to get home
Yea tell her ass to get on
I'll let her take a pic doe
So when you go through her phone and I can be like

Guess who fucking to bitch x5

No it's not key
It's young me
You're tight, nigga you must be
But i can say she's lovely

Track Name: Body [Jasmine Marie Cover] (prod.Jalan White)

Baby it's just you and me
All up in this room
You'll see all the things i think of
All the things i dream of when I'm alone up in this home
I just want to touch all on your body babe
You should let me rub all on your body babe
I just want to fuck all on your body babe

I want to touch your body babe