Parade ft. Grey La'faye

by Preme, Clint Norway

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[Intro: Preme]
Two fucks to any heavy nigga out here hating on me
Always talking shit
Always on my dick, but tell me he a fan to my face lowkey
I don't give fuck
I just keep it true
You could call me Dymez causAnnotatee I ain't phony
He can act
He can talk
He can tweet
He can hate
But he ain't no
No he ain't no me

[Verse 1: Clint Norway]
Shining like the jewels in the African dirt, but yet no blood on me
Gotta couple homies that bang that shit so please nigga don't fuck with me
Stay on the grind like Tony Hawk cause I know ain't a damn thing in this world for free
And that's cool with me but shit, I'm tired of being underrated
Feeling Unnoticed, see I had idea
What if I killed every rapper in your playlist
Would you play this
Would you come to my shows and make me look good for the ratings or would you hate me
Either way it go I'm better than the Wales & 2 Chainzes
Just Face It
But I'm a local rapper so it makes it harder to believe anything that I'm fucking saying
So I'll just kickback, waiting for the kickoff
Roll me a blunt and just lift off
Chilling with my niggas
And some bitches that be telling me they love me
Even though they just want to get licked on; better yet pissed on
Girl that ain't disrespect, but I ain't got no time for that this & that
Bust me a nut then it's back to rap
Back to grinding
Back to the freaking lab
God damn I just want to make it
Have my pops swerving lanes in that black Mercedes
Having dreams every night that I'm gonna make it
Here pops here's some keys to that black Mercedes
Drive safe my nigga
It'll feel great my nigga
Just wait 'til I shine like summertime
And pay all these bills and debt with these portrait rhymes
Everything will be more than fine
I Promise

[Hook: Grey La'Faye ]

Who's to say that there wasn't a plan for me
Though i messed up faithfully; constantly
Having to learn the hard way never phased me
You're only as happy as you want to be
Being afraid to live won't set you free
Joy don't always come in the morning

Don't rain on my parade
Cause you feeling some type of way
Take comfort in the shadows of the shades

Don't rain on my parade

[Verse 2: Preme]
They keep saying be a team player
That shit's too tough
Your ho always trynna ride a Fang nigga's dick, but her pussy's too touched
I don't wanna fuck
If it's just these smuts
Or just shines
Or just Hoes
I'd rather be alone
If I ain't in the stu on my phone
Or on the road doing doing shoes
Tagging gold
I'd rather be at home
I got mine, ain't no schooling the kid
Been there, ain't no loosing again
I witnessed you bite off the style
Blatant ass lame, ain't no fooling kid
Penthouse suite
With my penthouse bitch
One car outside in the lot
That's my penthouse whip
Can't stop won't stop until I'm ten years in
Until I'm walking down the street and I can hear my shit'll
I'm just wanting you to feel it
The way I'm talking money you would think I want million
Shit I need that too and I ain't stopping till I get it
And all you do is talk and that right there's the fucking difference
Bitch, nigga I'm gwinning
Nigga y'all bitches
In the studio building while y'all out looking for digits
While you out spending your pension I'm in here spitting my writtens
The way I make you feel you would've thought it was Williams



released April 17, 2014
Produced by BrendenJBeatz
Written by Preme + Clint Norway + Grey LaFaye
Mastered by: William Vargas



all rights reserved


PREMEiR JONE$ Greensboro, North Carolina


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